Friday Night is Velodrome Night

Join us for a series of 2 hour Friday Night Velodrome sessions throughout November!

We have spoken nicely to the organisers of the Friday night track league and they have agreed that we can use their slot for the period of lock-down, so if you’re missing your track sessions or perhaps want to get some more time in and to test yourself a bit more, then get yourself booked on to these sessions.

This is a unique opportunity for you to get some valuable track time in and every session will be based around you. You will get the opportunity to choose what activities you want to do such as timed flying laps, race specific skills, endurance efforts, sprint and pursuit starts and pursuit efforts.

Our coaches will be on hand to provide expert advice and take you through specific skills based sessions so that you can improve your track skills.

We’ve taken advantage of the British Cycling Covid-19 guidelines which allow people under the age of 18 to participate in organised sporting activity, which means that during our sessions you will be able to ride in a group on the track.

Places are limited and are for riders aged between fourteen and seventeen 17 years old. Sadly we are unable to take bookings from riders aged 18 or over due to the Covid-19 Guidelines.

If you are aged under 14 and feel as though you are capable of participating, then please get in touch with us before you book. Once we know the make up of each session, we will organise riders into groups based on MRTL Friday and ACT Track League groups.

You will be allocated a group prior to your arrival at the Velodrome and you will be expected to stay in your group for the whole of the evening. You can click HERE to book your session and to say thank you for supporting us so far, you can use the MCRCA10 discount code for a 10% discount if you book all four sessions at once.

If the links above don’t work, you can copy and paste the below URL into your browser which will take you to the shop.

See you on the boards!