Trafford College Partnership To End

Trafford College Partnership To End

Manchester Cycling Academy and Trafford College Group have announced today that the current iteration of Manchester Cycling Academy will end, meaning we will not be working together to provide the BTEC Sport Level 3 course in 2022/23. 

Two years ago we set out to achieve a vision of providing a combination of excellent education and unrivalled cycling coaching, but a combination of factors has so far prevented us from achieving that vision. 

Despite us currently being in the advanced stages of negotiating with one of the UK’s best cycling facilities to host both the academic and cycling aspects of Manchester Cycling Academy, we sadly will not achieve a crucial deadline in time to continue with the partnership with Trafford College Group in the next Academic year. This means that no new students will be recruited to join Manchester Cycling Academy in September 2022. 

We fully expect, however, that this will be a temporary measure and recruitment for September 2023 when all aspects of the course will be hosted under one roof for the first time, has already begun.

“Everyone at Manchester Cycling Academy is very disappointed to be at this stage. This time, we have not managed to achieve what we aimed to do and we sincerely apologise to those people who have applied for September 2022”, said Stefan Hopewell, Director of Manchester Cycling Academy. “Our desire to achieve our vision is undimmed and this is a temporary setback. Over recent months a huge amount of work has been done behind the scenes by our talented education team and we can now move forward towards 2023 with confidence”. Said Hopewell. 

“We believe that we have a unique offer that can attract riders not just from around the UK, but from around the world. So to that end we will be adding a number of new initiatives which will give Manchester Cycling Academy a greater appeal in the next few weeks.” He added. 

“We would like to thank Trafford College for all their help and support so far. They are a fantastic partner and together we will continue to support the existing riders throughout the next academic year.” 

“Our vision for Manchester Cycling Academy is that riders would undertake their academic studies in the morning and then attend training sessions in the afternoon. Moving to a new venue where all the facilities are housed under one roof will allow us to move onto this model.” Said Hopewell.